Facilities provided to participants(Runners) during KCCR

Seamless Experience: Kanavu Cross-Country Run

At the Kanavu Cross Country Run, we prioritize the well-being of our participants and create a stress-free environment for them to focus solely on the sport. We offer a range of facilities that ensure a worry-free experience and alleviate the pressure on the field. Located in a pleasant and eco-friendly setting, our event provides various amenities to enhance the overall experience. Join us for a memorable cross-country run where your comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities.

Transportation and Convenient Stay: Ensuring Hassle-Free Participation

Experience a worry-free journey to the Kanavu Startup Village for the cross-country run. Participants and their families coming from different cities will be provided with transportation services from nearby connecting points. Prior accommodation arrangements will be made for those who need to stay overnight, ensuring easy access to the tracks. Informing the KCCR COMMUNITY in advance will guarantee a comfortable stay and a pleasant start to your morning. Enjoy a delicious dinner upon arrival, feeling at home in our welcoming KSV environment.

T-shirts, BIB Numbers, and Clarity: Organizing Effortless Participation

Stay organized and prepared with T-shirts and BIB numbers provided in advance. These essentials will help athletes identify their category and participate smoothly. No confusion will prevail as each participant will have their designated number. The KCCR ensures a seamless registration process, allowing runners to arrive on time and fully prepared.

Refueling Stations: Recharge Your Energy

Take advantage of the five refreshment stations strategically placed along the course. These stations offer essential fuel such as lemon juice, water, glucose, Electrolyte and Fruits such as bananas. Hydrate and energize yourself to tackle the challenging yet rewarding Kanavu Cross-Country Run. With these refueling options, you can keep your performance at its peak throughout the race.

Morning Breakfast: Replenishing and Celebrating Accomplishments

After completing the run, indulge in a well-rounded breakfast that includes protein and other nutritious foods. This gesture ensures that all runners are properly nourished and satisfied. Enjoy the delicious morning spread as a token of appreciation for your effort and dedication. Runners and accompanying members will be guided toward the breakfast stall after the prize distribution ceremony. To ensure a smooth dining experience, please inform us in advance about the number of attendees.

Certificates, Medals, and Encouragement: Celebrating Achievements

Crossing the finish line is an extraordinary accomplishment, and participants will be honoured with certificates and medals. These tokens symbolize their perseverance and dedication to the sport. Furthermore, future events will be fueled by the recognition and encouragement received through these awards. The Kanavu Cross-Country Run aims to motivate individuals to continue their active participation in sports.

Prizes and Categories: Rewarding Excellence

Compete in one of the five-kilometer categories and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Each category offers unique rewards, including trophies for younger participants and cash prizes for others. With a wide range of categories, the Kanavu Cross-Country Run welcomes participants of all ages and abilities. Celebrate your achievements and take home a memorable reward that acknowledges your performance.

Parking, Safety, and Medical Assistance: Ensuring a Secure Environment

To manage the influx of participants and their vehicles, dedicated parking facilities will be provided. Safety is a top priority, and the event will have a medical team equipped with first aid kits, along with doctors and an ambulance for emergency situations.

Guidance by Dedicated Volunteers

Our team of dedicated volunteers will guide and support all participants throughout the event, ensuring a seamless experience and maximizing the utilization of available resources. Restrooms are also provided for your convenience.

At Kanavu Startup Village, we take pride in organizing this event, aiming to create an enjoyable and stress-free experience for all participants. Join us and embrace the spirit of the Kanavu Cross Country Run.

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