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A Guide to Running Terms and Acronyms -2

39. BQ

BQ Runners fastening on the marathon are likely familiar with the term BQ, which stands for Boston Qualifier. You must achieve a Boston Marathon qualifying time in a different full marathon to secure your entry into the Boston Marathon. Still, you have run a time that’s under the Boston Qualifying time for your age and coitus, and you can apply to run the race If you get a BQ. Note that indeed if you get a BQ, you won’t inescapably be accepted into the race because generally there are more aspirants than the distributed field size. Still, indeed getting a BQ is frequently a thing and an emblem of honor for runners because the Boston Marathon qualifying norms are pretty delicate to achieve for utmost runners.

40. DNF

This handling acronym stands for Did Not Finish, so it’s generally used when you drop out of a race or didn’t finish under the cut-off time. Some runners also use DNF in their training log to denote exercises they had to stop precociously.

41. DNS

This handling acronym stands for Did Not Start. It’s used in cases where you registered for a race but didn’t line up and start the race.

42. DOMS

DOMS stands for delayed-onset muscle soreness, which is a feeling most runners come well acquainted with. DOMS generally occurs 24- 48 due to bitsy damage to the muscles from running.

43. FKT

This handling acronym stands for Fastest Given Time. It’s substantially used within the trail running and ultramarathoner communities to describe the fastest recorded time someone has run a particular route or course.

44. LSD

A common handling acronym that stands for long slow distance run. LSD runs to improve your stamina and help train your body to handle longer distances and advanced training volume.

45. OCR

A running acronym for handicap course racing. This type of event combines running with taking on obstacles like thrusting walls, climbing ropes, and running through fields of tires.

46. PR

Running condensation for a particular Record. It denotes your quickest time recorded in a specific distance or timed running competition.. For illustration, if you’ve run three marathons and your finish times were 34319, 33727, and 33812, your marathon PR is 33727.

47. PB

A PB in running daises for particular bravery. It signifies your swiftest recorded time in a particular race, distance, or running endeavor. PB is frequently used in the UK and Canada instead of PR.

48. VO2 Max

Max VO2 maximum refers to the maximum quantum of oxygen your body can take in and use during exercise. It’s a measure of your aerobic capacity. Don’t worry about learning all these running terms at formerly; you have a continuance to be a runner. Drink at the club! still, look at our companion, If you would like to get into further detail about running terms regarding the different exercise types, look at our blogs, here.