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Letesenbet Gidey: The Ethiopian Running Sensation


Letesenbet Gidey, born on March 20, 1998, is a renowned Ethiopian long-distance runner who has set multiple world records and achieved numerous milestones in her remarkable career. She has made history in the world of athletics, consistently breaking records and achieving excellence on the track. Here, we present an overview of her achievements and career highlights.

Early Life and Rise to Success

Letesenbet Gidey was born in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia in Endameskel. Despite facing challenges early in her life, including being expelled from school for resisting physical education, Letesenbet emerged as a remarkable talent in the world of long-distance running. Her journey began at a young age when she won the 2000m/3000m steeplechase double for the Tigray region in 2012.

Junior Career

In 2015, at the age of 17, Letesenbet made her mark by winning the junior 6 km race at the World Cross Country Championships, claiming both the individual and team titles. She continued to impress, setting records and competing internationally.

Senior Career Beginnings

Letesenbet’s transition to the senior category showcased her immense potential. She competed in the 5000m at the 2017 World Championships in London, a significant achievement for a young athlete. She continued to compete at a high level in various races.

World 10,000m Silver Medalist

In 2019, Letesenbet secured the silver medal in the 10,000m at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar. Her outstanding performance highlighted her growing prominence in long-distance running.

Record-Breaking Achievements

Letesenbet’s achievements in 2019 included setting a world record in the 15 km road race in Nijmegen, Netherlands, becoming the first woman to run 15K under 45 minutes. She also won silver in the 10,000m at the World Championships.

World Record Holder in 5000m

In 2020, Letesenbet broke the world record for the 5000m in Valencia, Spain, taking more than four seconds off the previous record set by Tirunesh Dibaba in 2008.

Tokyo Olympic Bronze Medalist

At the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Letesenbet secured the bronze medal in the 10,000m, adding an Olympic accolade to her growing list of achievements.

Half Marathon World Record

In October 2021, on her half marathon debut, Letesenbet set a new world record in Valencia, Spain, finishing in 62 minutes and 52 seconds. This record-breaking run made her the first woman to run the half marathon in less than 63 minutes.

World 10,000m Champion

Letesenbet’s career reached new heights in 2022 when she became the World 10,000m champion in Eugene, Oregon. Her performance at the World Championships showcased her remarkable endurance and speed.

Fastest Women’s Marathon Debut

In December 2022, Letesenbet made her marathon debut at the Valencia Marathon, setting a record for the fastest-ever women’s marathon debut and ranking sixth on the all-time list.

Recent Achievements

In 2023, Letesenbet continued her success with a win at the Jan Meda Cross Country and a silver medal in the 10,000m at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

Table: Letesenbet Gidey’s Timing Records

EventTimeVenueDateRecord Type
1500 meters4:11.11HĂ©rouville-Saint-Clair, FranceJune 15, 2017
3000 meters8:20.27Stanford, CA, United StatesJune 30, 2019
5000 meters14:06.62Valencia, SpainOctober 7, 2020National Record
10,000 meters29:01.03Hengelo, NetherlandsJune 8, 2021World record
10K run33:55Bengaluru, IndiaMay 19, 2019
15K run44:20Nijmegen, NetherlandsNovember 17, 2019World best
Half marathon1:02:52Valencia, SpainOctober 24, 2021Mx World record
Marathon2:16:49Valencia, SpainDecember 4, 2022Fastest women’s debut, #6th of all time

To sumup

Letesenbet Gidey’s remarkable journey in long-distance running continues to inspire athletes and enthusiasts worldwide. Her consistent record-breaking performances have solidified her status as a running legend, and her future in athletics looks incredibly promising.