Marathon Refreshments: Energize Your Race

Refreshment Points Along the Course
  • At every 4 km on the marathon and half-marathon routes.
  • Offerings include water, energy drinks, sugar cubes, bananas, and oranges.
  • Water stations available between refreshment points.
  • Refreshment sponges for runners.
  • Recreational run course features one refreshment point.
Finish Line Refreshment Station
  • Exclusive for runners wearing their BIB numbers.
  • Provides bottled water, energy drinks, fruit (bananas and oranges), sugar cubes, and biscuits.
  • A regenerating massage booth is available with priority access for marathon runners.
Toilet Facilities for Runners

Portable toilet cabins at the start-finish line areas (Izola and Ankaran) and most refreshments. Likewise all the facilities were provided at KCCR to the participants.

How to Energize our Marathon Race?

Balanced Preparation

Follow a complete training plan, maintain a healthy diet, and prioritize rest.

Nutrition and Hydration
  • Nine points along the route offer liquid and food refreshments.
  • Special gel points at approximately kilometers 19 and 29.
  • Refreshment points provide sealed water bottles and Powerade (an isotonic drink).
  • Special liquid and solid refreshment point at the Finish.
Nutritional Information
  • Monitor carbohydrate intake: aim for 30-60 grams per hour.
  • Consume 25-30 cl. of water at each refreshment point.
  • Powerade at refreshment points contains carbohydrates (around 8 grams per serving).
  • Fruit (bananas, dried apricots, apricots) available from Kilometer 25 to the Finish.
  • Enervit brand gels distributed at Kilometers 19 and 29 (each sachet contains 17.8 grams of carbohydrates).
Mineral Salts and Caffeine
  • Consider taking mineral salt capsules with water (one per hour).
  • Caffeine intake: a coffee before the race and a maximum of two during the race may improve performance.

Ensure you pay close attention to nutrition and hydration, using the provided refreshments strategically to fuel your marathon journey successfully.