Indian Runner Man Singh - 2024

Runner Man Singh Secures Gold at Asian Marathon Championships 2024 in Hong Kong

In a historic moment for Indian athletics, 34-year-old marathon runner Man Singh emerged victorious, claiming the gold medal at the Asian Marathon Championships 2024 held in Hong Kong. This achievement not only marks a personal triumph for Singh but also underscores India’s increasing prominence in long-distance running and Cross country run one of the toughest sport of all time.

Singh’s Triumph and Record-breaking Performance

Man Singh’s performance in Hong Kong was nothing short of extraordinary. Completing the marathon with a personal best time of 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 19 seconds, he comfortably outpaced the runner-up, Huang Yongzheng of China, by a substantial margin of 65 seconds. This stellar performance surpassed Singh’s previous personal best of 2:16:58 set at the Mumbai Marathon in 2023.

Significance of Singh’s Victory

Singh’s victory at the Asian Marathon Championships holds immense significance for multiple reasons:

  1. Second Indian Champion: Man Singh becomes only the second Indian athlete to secure the title of Asian marathon champion, following Thonakal Gopi’s accomplishment in 2017.
  2. Unbeaten National Record: Despite Singh’s commendable achievement, the national record in men’s marathon for India, held by Shivnath Singh since 1978 at 2:12:00, remains unbeaten.
  3. International Recognition: His triumph on the international stage enhances India’s reputation in the realm of long-distance running, showcasing the country’s prowess at a global level.

India’s Representation at the Championships

Man Singh wasn’t the sole representative of India at the championships. Other Indian athletes, including Belliappa Appachangada Bo, Ashvini Jadhav, and Jyoti Gawate, also participated. Appachangada Bo secured the 6th position, while in the women’s event, Jadhav and Gawate finished 8th and 11th, respectively.

  1. Gold Medal Winner: Man Singh secured the gold medal at the Asian Marathon Championships 2024 for India.
  2. Previous Indian Champion: Thonakal Gopi is the only other Indian to have claimed the title of Asian marathon champion before Man Singh, achieving this feat in 2017.

Man Singh’s triumph not only adds a golden chapter to his career but also elevates India’s standing in the competitive world of long-distance running. This victory is a testament to the dedication and skill of Indian athletes on the global stage, setting new benchmarks for the country in the realm of marathon running.