Indian Runner Man Singh - 2024

Runner Man Singh Secures Gold at Asian Marathon Championships 2024 in Hong Kong

In a historic moment for Indian athletics, 34-year-old marathon runner Man Singh emerged victorious, claiming the gold medal at the Asian Marathon Championships 2024 held in Hong Kong. This achievement not only marks a personal triumph for Singh but also underscores India’s increasing prominence in long-distance running and Cross country run one of the toughest […]

Indian marathon runner who created history

Fauja Singh: Indian Marathon Inspiration

Fauja Singh, the legendary British Sikh marathon runner, is more than an athlete; he’s a symbol of resilience and inspiration. Born in Beas Pind, Punjab, British India, on April 1, 1911, Singh’s journey is marked by triumph over adversity. Running Towards Redemption Despite facing physical challenges in his early years, Singh’s passion for running emerged […]

A Marathoner’s Guide to Success After Facing a failure

In the challenging realm of marathon running, setbacks aren’t roadblocks; they’re stepping stones to triumph. Losses are not the end but opportunities for growth and resilience. Every defeat holds transformative power, shaping a marathoner’s journey and fueling future success. The Marathon Mindset Setbacks are not defeats but challenges to be conquered. The marathon mindset thrives […]

Benefits of Water Consumption - normal vs marathon runners

Hydration Guidelines: Normal vs. Marathon Runner’s Unique Needs

1. Daily Hydration Needs: 2. Pre-Race Hydration: 3. Hydration During the Activity: 4. Thirst as a Guide: 5. Post-Race Hydration: In summary, while the average person follows general hydration guidelines, marathon runners have specific considerations. They focus on pre-race preparation, adapting fluid intake during the activity, and post-race recovery. Both groups prioritize listening to the […]

A Nutrition Guide for Peak Performance

Embarking on a marathon journey requires meticulous preparation, and a crucial aspect is a healthy training diet. From fueling your body during training to optimizing nutrition on race day, here’s your comprehensive guide to preparing for the ultimate 42 km run. Ensuring a Healthy Diet for Training Physical activity Increased physical activity without proper fueling […]

Tips & How to complete a marathon successfully

Training Your Brain and Body for a Successful Marathon

How to train your Brain? 1. Ride the Emotional Waves: Acknowledge and navigate through various emotions during your training and races. 2. Learn When to Mute the Voice: Recognize unhelpful thoughts and choose to focus on positive and constructive mental chatter 3. Become a Reflective Runner: Regularly reflect on your training and racing experiences, learning […]

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Mindful Strategies – Tips for a Marathon Run

Embarking on a marathon journey involves more than just physical endurance; it requires a tuned-in and focused mind. Here are key strategies to train your mind for marathon success. 1. Be Mindful and Stay Present Long runs often come with distractions – Cultivate mindfulness to stay present in the moment, enhancing your endurance performance. 2. […]